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Freelance Formula

I get asked often how I started my freelance business.  So for those who want to know the commonly asked questions as to how I got started and what I recommend you do to grow your online business I’ve started this site which I’ll be adding to over the next month.

So hopefully I’ll see you in the membership site where I’ll be happy to answer any questions and show you in detail how I run and grow my biz.

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  1. Gain clients
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  4. The freelance process
  5. Conducting meetings
  6. Structuring your business
  7. Using Asana to manage your projects
  8. Finding a team when you need help
  9. Learning and upskilling
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Freelance Formula Tania Richardson.

Hey I’m Tania, a freelance Web Designer/Developer from down under.  I’ve been freelancing since 2008 helping clients create and redesign their websites to get more traffic.

I’ve mentored other freelancers in Auckland and am now making this advice available online.  If you need any help simply email me your question and I’ll let you know how I do it.

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