Struggling to understand SEO and grow your business on google?

Good news.

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Freelance Web Designer SEO Results.

Being on the top of Google doesn’t actually cost thousands, it takes perseverance, dedication and patience.  I’ve seen clients who come to me to build websites, hire ‘SEO Experts’ and don’t see results OR they see results very, very slowly.

If you want to understand the whole SEO industry I HIGHLY recommend listening to this podcast by Brian Dean from Backlino where he speaks about the SEO industry and how their business models actually works (and doesn’t work for you).

So, if you’re struggling to figure out what to do for your SEO, if you don’t even know what SEO is exactly OR, you don’t have the budget for one on one specialist to view your website, I encourage you to view my latest offer.

Self paced online training.

This online course will teach you the 3 step formula for creating and understanding SEO without you having to be the next Zuckerberg.

Have an online store that's not getting much or any Search Engine Traffic

If you have a service based website

If you have a bricks and mortar store where you want to rank well for your suburb, city, region or country.

The SEO Bootcamp is for you.

Here’s what we’ll go through.

Keyword Planner Tools.


  • Why it’s important
  • How to find YOUR keywords, easily!
  • The difference between long and short tail keywords
  • Tools of the trade to find your keywords
  • Worksheet included
SEO Formula


  • What is SEO (what is isn’t)
  • My formula for SEO Success
  • Blogging for SEO success
On page - off page seo.


  • What is it?
  • How to improve both for SEO Success
  • Blogging for SEO success
  • How to target countries /cities to grow your business
  • WordPress tools to make SEO easy
  • Using social media to grow off page AND on page SEO


SEO Bootcamp.


Let me help…

No, this is an online course that you can take at your own pace.  It’s available to you forever to access and to go back to when you need.

By all means – of course you can.  If you don’t have time to learn this, then don’t purchase.  This is a solution for those who WANT to learn without having to pay the cost of a consultant.

In saying that, if you don’t ever understand the basics of SEO then you won’t really know what you’re paying for.

It’s 4 online videos with worksheets on all 4 to ensure you can take away an action the steps you need to, to get results.

Did you know?

The average SEO company in NZ charges around $2500 per month to create and implement an SEO strategy (what!?).

Over a year that’s $30,000

Crazy huh?  Even crazier to think most people don’t understand what actually goes into it?  So why spend all that money when you can become an expert yourself for a fraction of the price.

It’s simple: Save money and become a better online business owner by managing your own SEO.


Only $69


This is your time to get in.  Gain access to training you can take on your own time, available 24/7.

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